True Love may not exist in real life, but it does exist in fanfiction.
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"if you want a bit of love put your head on my shoulder" a Harry and Ginny fanmix, art by Burdge

Family Friend The Vaccines, Nothing Came Out The Moldy Peaches, R U Mine Arctic Monkeys, Come On Eileen Dexy’s Midnight Runners, Why Do You Let Me Stay Here She and Him, Flowers In Your Hair The Lumineers, Wouldn’t It Be Nice The Beach Boys, What I Wouldn’t Do A Fine Frenzy, Simple Song The Shins, Suspended From Class Camera Obscura, Home Gabrielle Aplin ,5 Years Time Noah And The Whale, One Moment More Mindy Smith, The Call Regina Spektor.



Sirius whenever James and Lily were in the same room probably



this changes everything
What's your stance on Rita Skeeter's speculation that Ginny may be abusing Harry?


My stance is that Rita Skeeter is a lying hack and the only way Ginny would hit Harry would be in an agreed-upon scene with safewords and hard limits already set.


Things you find while making gifs is amazing.

Look how happy Harry is after Ron returns to them in Deathly Hallows. (Of course he can’t see Hermione’s facial expression to guess that she’s not impressed at all, the poor thing.)

Just look at him.


And when Hermione reacts the way she does, he doesn’t just look shocked.

He looks scandalised.



But you know the whole Weasley family put the Teddy and Victoire thing off as “more of Rita’s nonsense” because of course they’re just friends

And then James catches them on Platform 9 3/4

And they’re all like wait a second