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A/N: This is in response to a prompt for Sirius rushing to Marlene’s house after the attack and she’s still alive. I’m not sure if this is exactly what you were looking for, but between Padfoot and myself, we ended up with this heart wrenching piece.
Thank you so much for the idea, and also for the love! I hope you enjoy!

Sirius only remembered two occasions in his life that made his heart stop. Other instances may have existed, but they were long forgotten by now. Years of barely existing had taken care of that. He was lucky, he supposed, to still hold the few memories he could remember, even if the hallow illusions still kept him up at night.
His best friend’s betrayal had drained Sirius’ face of all colour and his eyes of all emotion, but even that couldn’t compare to the uncensored panic that settled in his gut the day he received a half scribbled note from Marlene McKinnon. Two words were etched across the back of a torn piece letter from her mother: ‘They’re coming’.
Before he’d even slammed his front door closed and turned on the spot to disappear into the cold night air, Sirius knew it was too late. He didn’t need to stop and stare at the half-toppled mountain of rubble that had once been the McKinnon household. He didn’t need to climb up the staircase, taking two steps at a time and almost tripping over broken glass and shattered ornaments. He knew. He didn’t even take pause at her room, his fear leaving no room for caution. The door clattered to the ground, obviously already off it’s hinges. He glanced around the disheveled room, noting piles of rubble, but not any hint of an unruly blonde head of hair.
And then, before he’d had a chance to catch his breath, he caught sight of her, and Sirius Black’s heart stopped beating. Lying, crumpled, under part of the caved-in ceiling, there she was. He fell to his knees, finding he could no longer support his own weight, let alone the crushing feeling that seemed to be growing in his stomach.
Her face was turned away from him, and he really couldn’t have been more thankful. His arms fell lifelessly to his lap, his eyes transfixed on Marlene’s motionless body. Vaguely, he was aware of his own tears hitting the backs of his hands, but he was powerless to stop it. He was powerless to anything at the moment. Then he bowed his head, allowing the darkness to take over, and closed his eyes.
The word escaped his lips but did not reach his ears, which were drowned by a loud, fuzzy sound which filled his head and made him want to cry out in frustration.
He repeated, to nobody in particular, and this time his voice cracked, and let way to a dry sob, and another, and another, until his body was shaking and all he was aware of was that crumbling house and the rickety staircase and Marlene, Marlene lying, just as broken as the hinges of her door, Marlene dead.

Marlene had only once witnessed Sirius crying, and even that had been an accident stumbled upon and never spoken of again. She couldn’t fault him, though. If her best mate had screamed the end of their relationship, she would have been in shambles too. Luckily the sever hadn’t lasted, and soon Sirius’ tears dried. But this time was different.
The sound pierced her more painfully than the weight of half the ceiling plaster and what she suspected to be a bit of the roofing tiles. She tried to turn to face him, call out, let him know she was still breathing, but she couldn’t. The weight was unbearable, like no pain she had ever felt. Even taking breaths was a labor she was finding harder by the second.
After a few long moments - or perhaps it was hours - her vision became dark around the edges as the pain numbed somewhat, Marlene felt oddly glad she couldn’t call out to Sirius. This wasn’t how she wanted him to remember her; the thought occurred to her as strangely selfish, but nevertheless, she didn’t want Sirius to see her like this. She wanted him to remember her smile as a bright one that reached her eyes, not bloody and feeble. She smiled at this thought, blocking out the sound of the sobs and picturing Sirius smiling right back at her as she closed her eyes for the last time.

-Padfoot & Marls


"james changed for lily"

  • you are making him sound like an asshole
  • you are eliminating any redeeming qualities he might have had
  • you are invalidating his personal growth/character development
  • you are being presumptuous in assuming that james’ life revolved around pleasing lily despite the idea conflicting with his canonical arrogance and enormous ego
  • you are being presumptuous in assuming that a fifteen year old james was in love with lily or wasn’t interested in other girls when we have no canonical evidence supporting anything other than a school boy crush on her at the time

(whenever you feel like writing it, no rush) prompt: Remus and Marlene having kind of a wild sex because of the wolf inside of him, like it's close to the full moon, and the wolf manifests itself. (I don't know if you write smut, so... but i totally get it if you don't :)

Remus sat at the Gryffindor table, his leg tapping on the floor, his pulse erratic.

James eyed him nervously. “You alright, mate?”

"Yeah…I’m fine." He said, though his voice was much deeper than it ever had been.

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